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" A kind, sympathetic and an adept physician. I'm certain to offer his name to others in related needs."

-Dr. U. Amit


"Dr. Noh is a highly competent and knowledgeable urologist/surgeon whose superb medical skills are matched by his excellent "bedside" manner. Even during uncomfortable procedures, Dr. Noh does his best to put patients at ease and to empathize with their situations. Dr. Noh is not only thorough in his examination but patient in his explanations of findings, recommended treatment/procedures -- if needed, and any required follow-up.
As good as he is, Dr. Noh is never smug and not afraid to recommend another specialist if your particular problem would be better treated by another physician. If you are in Central Jersey and need a urologist, I recommend Dr. Noh without equivocation!"

                                                              -Alan D.

"Dr. Noh and his staff have always treated me with the greatest professionalism and expertise. The research I have done has shown me that Dr. Noh is thoroughly knowledgeable about methods and techniques. His advice and recommendations have always been correct.
To that expertise, Dr. Noh adds kindness and empathy.
Dr. Noh treats all of his patients as if they were his only patient. I noticed that the day my former urologist rushed me to Dr. Noh who was next door at the time.
Dr. Noh calmly assured me that what he saw was curable and that we would get through it.
Dr. Noh did not hurry, but explained thoroughly and carried out the exam as gently as possible. Dr. Noh communicated the seriousness of the situation without causing fear or stress. 
After the exam, Dr. Noh asked if my wife was in the waiting room. After what seemed like a long time, he came back and said that my wife was taking the news hard. I later learned that Dr. Noh had spent all that time explaining the possibilities and making sure that my wife understood that I was in no danger. In this way, he treated her as well.
Dr. Noh also made it clear that he would not be offended if I sought help and advice elsewhere. Everything was considered in the open, and, of course, Dr. Noh's advice was the best advice.
Dr. Noh is also a highly skilled surgeon. I went into the operating room with him 3 times. I don't know, and I don't want to know, how he removed that tumor. It seems impossible to me.
Dr. Noh's care has been just as good with this second issue I am having. He continues to make sure I understand the options and only proceeds with my consent. Through this difficult time, Dr. Noh has been sympathetic, empathetic and always encouraging, cheering me on through the treatment and recovery.
Throughout my experiences, Dr. Noh and his staff have shown kindness and understanding as well as a complete understanding of the medical issues involved and the treatments available. My wife and I are both deeply appreciative of the care I continue to receive."
-Alan A.

"I have interstitial cystitis and went to the doctor for over a year. He could not figure out what was wrong, I was beginning to think I was crazy. When my doctor announced his retirement, I had the option to go to one of his associates. I chose Dr. Robert Noh. With my first appointment and a cystoscopy I was diagnosed 1 month later with I.C. and the treatment began. I am forever grateful for the care and understanding that I have received. I have been a patient for over 15 years. "
                                                          -Lenore B.

 " I, Divine T, would like to make a few comments about Dr. Robert Noh. During my scheduled procedure, I was confused but Dr. Noh took his time to explain in details about how the procedure will go and the recovery time. He was very confident of his explanation and that made me comfortable. I will surely recommend him to friends and family members. 

Thank you Dr. Noh"

-Divine T.